…How much I liked to play with this wonders of the glass handicraft art when I was a kid. Vivid colors, different shapes, strange materials from which they were made. I remember how I managed to learn some hard math and physics lectures while studying marbles and their kinetics. You can really learn a lot from them, and this long and colorful post with many interesting images and videos will give you some new perspective on te world of these little wonders.

SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ

SoundEagle in Marble as Decorative Collectible, Art Glass, Toy and Computer Game
•⃝ 🔮Marble Preamble ⃝•

This is an interactive and multifaceted post from SoundEagle to you. The subject is marble, presented through the media of text, art, graphics, games, history, music and videos, then culminating in the two computer games for your amusement and challenge!

Typically made from glass, clay, pottery (including bennington and china), steel, plastic or agate, and sometimes even wood, stone or papier mache, a marble is a versatile and often attractive sphere used in ball games, street or playground games, board games, jewellery, art glass, decorative vases, spray paint cans and other industrial applications. Rare, vintage, handmade, specialty and art marbles are avidly collected by aficionados.

Marbles have been featured in family-oriented movies such as Goonies, Hook and Home Alone.

•⃝ 🔮Marble History ⃝•

Ancient marbles were usually made of clay, stone or glass, and were deemed to be originated…

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