(Cover Image & Source: Mata Hari, the Great Spy @ Cassandra´s Legacy)

Thursday, November 28th, about half an hour after midnight…

Part of the town where the rich reside and the kids have fun.

The animal farm of the Swedish best-of-the-best.

Two big museums and a small hill.

On the hill you can see a big restaurant, summer terrace and three big white tents. The rain is pouring like crazy. It must be the end of the world.

Our protagonist is slowly walking, approaching close to this scene. There is nobody there, at least that is what he thinks. But he is wrong. As he strolls by the public toilets, he feels he is being monitored. Somebody is watching him, a man (or maybe two of them, who knows for sure) in a car, a civil car with the lights turned off.

As he slowly approaches the desired spot, the car turns on the lights and slowly starts to move just behind his back. Now he knows what is going on. Something is strange, and that strange feeling is telling him that he has to continue with his walk. Don´t stop, just go on. Hold your umbrella very hard and just go forward. Don´t mind the car behind you, if you turn your backs to them, you will surelly be busted.

So he continues to walk, all to the back entrance to the big museum. He hides behind the big stone pillar and observes what is going on there in the dark.

Who is that that is following him and why?

Soon, after standing for a while in this cold damn rain, he realizes that that must be a police patrol in a unmarked, personal car. They are waiting for him, now parked next to the hill where the restaurant is located, with their lights off. They are waiting for his next move.

Will he try to enter the restaurant´s area, go over the glass fence and inside the big white tent, as he did many times before, or not?

They will have to wait and see. They don´t care about that man so much, he is not a real criminal, but the police job requires surveillance of the people that others think they are dangerous and might do some criminal action against them or their properties.

The big boss of the restaurant found that boy sleeping in his tent just a day before, kick him out it and hoped that he would not come again. But he was not sure of that, because the boy was homeless, and the harsh nordic winter was already at the doors. So he contacted the local police station and asked them to make a regular surveillance by his restaurant´s property. Just to be sure that nobody comes inside his tents any more.

And this boy, this man knew that also. So he waited for some time, on that cold damn rain, until he decided that it is just too much, especially when he saw that there were two police cars driving slowly around the restaurant´s hill. Now there is no way that he can approach it, and at the same time not be seen and caught.

He decided to go further and around the musem, through the courtyard and onto the big street. Tonight he will have to sleep at the railway station.

But then, as he came to the entrance of that big area, again, he wanted to be sure and to see where the cars are now. He tought, one should be parked on the parking lot with the lights off, and the another in the same way, but by the restaurant´s hill. They were positioned strategically. That was their job, their duty. That is what they are paid for.

When he slowly approached the entrance to that area, he saw no car, as they had vanished into the thin air. He wanted to investigate further. But he knew he must be very careful. He can´t walk on the same path again. If they are still in the vicinity, they will see him.

So he decided to bypass the entire danger area, pass the parking lot and into the wood, and then slowly sneak into a large water-soaked meadow and look around. There was still nobody there. But the rain was still falling, and his shoes were totally wet, as well as his socks. So he slowly walked to the hill, saw that there is still nobody there, ran quickly, climbed a little hill, successfully leaped over the glass fence, along with a backpack on his back, and made his way to the entrance to a large, and already familiar white tent.

Nevertheless, the problems were not over yet. The soon as he approached the entrance, he saw that it was blocked, first with the couple of big metal trolleys intentionally placed so as to prevent any uninvited guest from entering.

So first, he had to remove that trolleys, and move it in a great silence, so that nobody can hear him (who knows, maybe the workers are still inside the main building).

Then, when he finally entered inside, he had to remove two piles of chairs on the side (again, put there with the same intention) to finally enter the tent area, and get to the place at the back where he used to sleep.

He slept pretty normal, but the early morning greeted him with a speeding escape from the area by the main fence, having noticed, in the blink of his eyes, that the police car was approaching the hill again, and that it would be easy to spot him if he skipped that glass fence again.

The similar story is happening almost every night, on the same area, when the clock strikes one hour after midnight.

This is how our hero became the superspy!….

P.S. This is a true story, and all the characters and events are real!