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…I never considered myself to be a religious person, at least not in practice (due to the fact that officialy I am a Roman Catholic). I rarely went to church or celebrated any church holiday, and if I did, that was mostly because I was more interested in history of the buildings themselves, indoors and outdoors, as well as all of that amazing art works that are hidden inside (paintings, sculptures, mosaics, handicrafts and relics), than paid attention to the mass itself, or what the preacher was talking about.

That doesn´t mean that I don´t like religion in general. I do. But I like to read the “Holly Books” from different religions and spiritual practices, not to be indoctrinated with all that mumbo-jumbo, but to learn about the history of the lands and people that are mentioned in their stories, to be motivated and inspired by the moral lessons that are the main ingredient of almost every part of those, artistically and spiritualy speaking, incredible and valuable books.

The thing that I don´t like, and the reason why I believe that so many people are against the religions in general, and especially of those big world and mostly “western-oriented” religion institutions like Christianity, Judaism and Islam, is because of all that unnecessary and numbing indoctrinations and dogmas that are omnipresent in them, and that have more with seculary politics and diplomation than with religion and faith themselves.

It is precisely this interference of politics into religious, or in general spiritual matters, that is most annoying to me, and for that reason, I personally think that the only way for modern religious systems to survive in the world of the future is to cast out these nonsense and, again, like at the very beginning, in the age of their personal prophets, begin to deal exclusively with spiritual matters, to become and remain spiritual teachers, counselors, leaders, and figuratively speaking to become the shepherds of their flock.

Religions have to transform from the world of neo-capitalism (lead by greedy and corrupt politics) to the world of spiritual naturalism, where the only thing that is really important are we, humans, and the nature that surrounds us and takes care of us on the daily basis, as it has done for thousands of years.

We need to understand religion and spirituality at its basis, i.e. how we, the humans, are connected to each other, as well as with the whole universe in all the three main areas, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Due to the fact that I believe that current religious systems (world institutions as well as some indigenous practices) are too much indoctrinated and connected more with the world of the matter than the world of the spirit, I think we need a new, or better said an ancient religion, and that is the one that we can simply call Naturalism, the religion or spiritual practice of the wild nature, where the forces of the nature are the ones that we can consider the only divine source, our creator, guide and teacher. More the less, the same ones that were created in the very beginnings of the human race. But this time, we should deprive that “religion” with mistakes of its past, that were mostly related to prejudice and superstition. Now, with the advancements of science and art, we can look at natural forces in another way, with the eyes of an enlightener and nature-protector, and not as an uneducated shaman or a “medicine man”.

Connecting and getting the best of all of the three worlds of science, art and spirituality should be the next goal of our human civilisation.

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