…Creativity is something that everyone owns, we are born with it, but we need to develop it, like many other things in our lives, such as the quantity of knowledge we gather on a daily basis: through learning, listening, writing, speaking. To help us find out how creative we are, there must be someone or something that will occasionally point us to the right place to practice and develop this virtue in the best way possible.

Ever since I started writing texts on my first Anarchy4all blog (March 2011.), I have started systematically planning and creating various small local and online projects in my home country of Croatia, ranging from various special topics articles, e-books, artistic competitions, creative and critical thinking groups, city tour adventures, promotion of ex-Yugoslavian region creative authors, creative classrooms, quizzes and more…

NOTE: All posts down bellow are written in Croatian language, so you might use a build-in Google Translator on the upper right part of this page under the name “Translate My Posts!

Popis projekata i postova koje sam napravio tijekom boravka i rada u Hrvatskoj (2013. – 2017.):

Sto je kreativnost? (what is creativity after all)

O kreativnosti u umjetnosti… (how I learned what arts are really about)

Libertas Nova (e-zine, the first mention of the words Libertas Nova)

Zagrebackim ulicama… (learning about the city of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, and all of its beautiful and interesting parts, writing posts about each neighborhood, photographing and taking small adventure trips around the city’s neighborhoods)

Citam, gledam, slusam… (a small creative online classroom for people to read great books, listen to great music albums, watch great movies and talk about it)

cIQuizz… (a creative online quiz that you will learn a lot from, and even better have fun)

Kreativnost na djelu (promotion of creative authors and their works)

Tematski tekstovi (articles covering various special topics from the world of popular science and technology, art and culture, religion and spirituality, sports and recreation, etc.)

Velika avantura – od Zagreba do Minhena (texts about my last great poetry adventure, from Zagreb, through Slovenia and Austria all the way to Germany, in search of a new job, life, opportunities, …)

Digitalne knjige by I.C. (my free downloadable e-books)


Tko je I.C.? (my short autobiography)