(Cover Image & Source: Bioart works by Amy Karle @ Artist Amy Karle FB)

…It´s been over a year since I was last engaged in some sort of art projects, especially when I think about promoting other artists and their work. Last time, through the summer/autumn of 2018., I was writing articles about some more or less famous artists from the ex-Yugoslavian region (mostly from Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina), that make their works in various art forms (surreal paintings, metal and wood sculptures, art photography, modern crafts, etc.).

This time, I went one step higher in my art area research, and decided to be more involved with the projects that are closer to my own future prospects, and those are the ones that are called science art, scientific art or hybrid art, one of the names that are used in the professional art circles nowadays.

A multidisciplinary art form where topics from science and technology are used by modern artists to explore and create new pieces that connects these two, at first thought, incompatible areas (science and arts, respectively).

Even do, IMO, these artworks are still modern art pieces, that are used mostly to express and research new art forms, and less to explore new scientific and technology areas, nevertheless they are really beautiful, unusual and unique works, qualities that I admire the most.

In today´s post I will present my second SciArt artist (the first one being Helen Birnbaum and her Quarantine Boxes Ceramics), the one that could be easily described as one of the best bioartists today, the one that the world of sciart calls “one of the most influential women in 3D printing and bioart in general”.

Artist: Amy Karle

Location: California, U.S.A. (Liga Oceanica)

Field/s of interest: BioArt / Psychology/Mind Science Art

Amy Karle’s mission is to positively impact others, raise consciousness and contribute to social, political, and technical development by making and sharing her work. As an artist and designer, Karle is also a provocateur and a futurist, leveraging new technologies to create art that catalytically examines material and spiritual aspects of life and open minds to future visions of how technology could be utilized to unlock human potential.

Amy Karle attended Alfred University and Cornell University, where she received degrees in Art and Design and Philosophy. Karle is co-founder of Conceptual Art Technologies and has shown work in 46 exhibitions worldwide. She is the inventor of registered active patents, service marks and trademarks in medical and technology categories.

Amy works as a full-time artist expressing experiences in visual forms, often designing technologies to improve the body and functions of the human in the process, thus exploring what it means to be human through a unique negotiation of art, design, science and technology. She has been named one of the “Most Influential Women in 3D Printing” and her bioart work has contributed to the establishment of a new discipline in the art world. The long-term goals of her work are to continue to pioneer in the bioart field and make contributions to healthcare and mind-body medicine in the process. (Source: Amy Karle)

amy american incubator
Layers of Life by Amy @ American Arts Incubator Exibition (Centrum Nauki Kopernik)


She has specialised in many different bioart forms:

  • THE BODY AND TECHNOLOGY: A CONVERSATIONAL METAMORPHOSIS            (a collection of drawings and enhanced prints made by hand and Artificial Intelligence exploring the use of AI, artificial neural networking and machine learning for health care applications and art and design)
  • FEAST OF ETERNITY (…depicts a human skull, which typically represents death and mortality in conjunction with the possibility of growth and life embodied in one piece)
  • INTERNAL COLLECTION (switching up conventions about the body and beauty, this series of garments based on anatomy shows representations of internal systems in wearable form. Merging fashion, biology and technology, artist and designer Amy Karle created these wearable art garments inspired by the human nervous system, lung, and ligaments)
  • BIOFEEDBACK (where she connects her body and consciousness to technology to create art, repurposing a Sandin Image Processor as an electrophysiological visualization device)
  • RESONATION (connecting her body and brain to a subwoofer and Chladni plate, Amy Karle turns bioinformatics into cymatics, generating bio-signals into visuals and sounds)
  • BRAINSONGS (in this performance, Amy Karle manifests the symphony of the mind into sound; remember my post Mental Science – The Future Of The Human Language?)
  • CRYSTALLIZATION (studying how nature forms and grows while considering the role of salts in our bodies, earth and universe, and questioning “What is life in the bio-tech era?”, Artist Amy Karle created these images by capturing crystallization of salts in process under various conditions under the microscope)

In her very broad and overwelming artwork, she also uses exponential technology and make her art in forms of sculpture, garments, 2D works, performances and video art.

Let her works speak for themselves!

Regenerative Reliquary (Ars Electronica)
Breath of Life (Amy Karle)
Feast of Eternity (Amy Karle)
Internal collection (Amy Karle)
Biofeedback (Amy Karle)
Crystallization (Amy Karle)
Brainsongs (Amy Karle)
"The Incorruptible Body" gold skull sculpture by Amy Karle 2016
Incorruptible body (Amy Karle)

All the other works and projects by this most interesting bioartist you can find on one of these links:

Amy Karle (official artist´s web site)