…Regarding my last journeys into the world of science and art (as well as those of the spirit and sport), I have decided to make a game which revolves around these first two mentioned areas, a game where we can combine education and fun.

Without further ado, I will briefly explain the basic rules of this game.

Every game, or quiz as I called it will consist of two images (photographs, digital paintings or graphic) which will display motifs from the world of science and art (respectively), and it is up to you to discover what is shown in the images (take into consideration all possible information such as what objects / subjects are displayed, look at all parts of the images such as their colors, shapes, etc .; observe the images from both scientific and artistic point of view), and everything you discover try to connect to each other.

The goal is to connect elements from both images using the association method and find a common term, i.e. a term that connects them to each other. Then read all the proposed answers that are provided at the end of the post and try to offer the correct answer.

I will offer six possible answers, of which up to three may be correct (no information will be given of how many of them are correct). It is up to you to write down the answer/s that you think that is/are correct (in the comment section below), and I will reply to you in the form of a score that will indicate how well you have performed. You will receive +1 point for each correct answer, -1 point for each incorrect answer. The total of all correct and incorrect answers will be your final quiz score.

To make this little SciArT quiz more interesting, I will present your final results in the form of a table (let´s call it SciArT World League Table), and at the end of the month we will see who had the best result (of all the quizzes solved in this month, including this first quiz). In order not to endure the quiz for too long time, instead of a time limit, I will only consider the responses of the first six visitors written in the comments.

And this is the first test for you to solve. Don´t worry, it´s not so hard! 😉

mars surface



A) Cubanite

B) Goethite

C) Lawrencite

D) Limonite

E) Pyrite

F) Wüstite


Mineral data/image resources obtained from the:

Popular Science

Culture Trip

MinDat (Hudson Institute of Mineralogy)



Lycka till! (sv. Good luck!) 😉