“Igor Morski is a Polish painter, illustrator, scenographer and graphic designer with a surreal, dreamlike style. His work is detailed and intriguing like most surreal art, but his images look so real they give the sensation of photographs from a magical world. His work is inspired by nature and society, the most import motifs in his art.” (Sedge Art)

…The surreal world of Igor Morski is full of description of human suffering and pain, as well as those of the nature itself. In many ways, his pictures reminds me on the greatest works by the most famous master of surealism, the Salvador Dali.

More about the author you can find on his homepages Igor Morski Portfolio!

All the images down bellow are taken from various web sources, and are property of the author Igor Morski!

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half man

man fly

new world

igor morski art




soldiers puppets