…Sometimes I wonder, how would this world look like if we had no friends, family or relatives, if we would live completely alone, isolated from the rest of the world, like ascetics.

What do you mean by that?

I mean, world of today is becoming more and more an isolated and lonely place.

Why do you think so?

Well, people of today look more like a programmed machines, carrying with them all sorts of devices, every day, every minute of their boring and miserable life. Can this be a normal behaviour of one intelligent human being?

People chose by themselves to live in a self-created automated world, they made machines to help them to produce more, to progress faster, to defeat the destructive forces of nature. But instead, they have become machines themselves, a disturbed combination of man and machine. Instead of ruling the world of machines they created, these machines rule them. 

But, I wonder, can we consider these machines only a part of human invention, made to serve us, or maybe they can become some sort of friends to us, like we have other people or animals?

It is very hard to answer this question, because not all people that humans consider friends are real friends. Many of those friends are only available when they need help from other human beings, and many of them use people for their own goals, which can be in many times, vicious and destructive.

I always thought that the best friends are those that we all need to live happy and fulfilled lives.

Yes, that is true in many cases. But still, many people that you consider friends are not friends at all. Your best friend today can become your worst enemy tomorrow. Don´t trust anybody if you are not sure of their intentions.

But, how will I know the real difference between real friends and the ones who pretend to be my friends? And what about all those that we call acquaintances, people that we met maybe a couple a times, that we can not call them friends, but still can be very important part of our lives. And what about total strangers, can we trust them sometimes?

Sometimes, a complete stranger can be a better friend than all of your “real” friends and acquaintances. Just remember, no matter how much you trust those people that you consider real friends, the same ones with whom you share your biggest secrets, your strengths and weaknesses, your life, can become your biggest rivalries and enemies. Remember this, if you want to defeat your biggest enemy, first you have to become his/hers best friend. 


(Cover Image & Source: Inner Conflict by Lady-Symphonia (Nathalia Suellen, Brasil) @ DeviantArt)