Marsha Blaker and Paul DeSomma are glass artists based out of Santa Cruz, California who work both collaboratively and independently on a variety of glass series and projects. Blaker and DeSomma met at the Pilchuck Glass School in 1989 and married two years later. In 2001, the couple opened their collaborative glass studio. Blaker’s detail-oriented work is influenced by the intricacies of the marine environment with an emphasis on texture and color. DeSomma compliments with a minimalist style that features an emphasis on clarity and form.

Inspired by their love of nature and the ocean environment, this Hawaiian artist duo perfectly recreates the big blue waves in all their glory, while making incredibly beautiful glass vases that look like crashing waves. It seems that Blaker and Desomma have learned how to freeze waves and mold them into glassware. Then again, they probably had enough time to see all sorts of waves, what with living in Hawaii.

The two glass artists are currently working at Kela’s, a glass art gallery in Kauai, Hawaii, where they create a huge variety of beautiful glass art inspired by the sea.

“Our immersion in the constantly changing and evolving ocean environment inspires us to develop and grow our glasswork. We love this work to capture the vitality and energy of the ocean,” the artists told Bored Panda. I must say, I’m feeling the energy of the ocean just looking at these pictures!

You can find some of their famous works on their official website Blaker – DeSomma Glass

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