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…And what do you think about our old tradesman, main character of this story, was he always so corrupt like he is now?

No, of course not, nobody is born evil, at least this is what the people say.

It all started almost seventy years ago, in Alexandria, an old town on the Mediterranean coast of northern Egypt. His mother, a young African slave girl was working in the house of her master, old and selfish Roman proconsul, a head of the Aegyptus, a Roman province of the northern Egypt.

She didn´t had a good life, and all of her myseries started one day when she was captured in her small village near Napata, a capital of the ancient Kingdom of Kush, which was one of the biggest rivals in the history of the mighty Egypt. She was held captive in the south region of the former Aegyptus superior, or Upper Egypt Kingdom, in its big and famous ancient city of Thebes, before she was sold as a slave and transported to Alexandria to work for her present master.

But what that has to do with our old tradesman?

Well, in one of those days, quite an ordinary day it was, his mother was attackted by a old Roman soldier, who worked as a guardian of the mentioned proconsul, the master of this young slave girl. He attacked her during her daily work, just outside the kitchen, when nobody else was there, and rape her brutally, almost killing her on the site in her attempt to release herself from his dirty hands.

After that dreadful event, she was silent, never to talk about it, not even to her close slave friends. She knew that if she said her story to somebody, the guardian that raped here could kill her easily and put a blame on the other slaves.

But she couldn´t be silent for too long. Few months later she found out that she bears a child in her womb, and her pregnancy was more and more obvious to all of her companions, and at the end to her master. At first she was thinking of running away, because she knew she will be punished. On the other hand, is she said to her master who is to be blamed for her condition, she will be killed by the guardian who raped her.

A couple of weeks after she discovered she was pregnant, she was in a very bad condition, both physically and mentally, always occupied with her thoughts of what to do next. She couldn´t sleep, she couldn´t eat any more, until one day she collapsed before her master, while serving him a meal.

The master knew that something strange was going on with this young slave girl, but was not sure what. So, when she collapsed in front of him, he was angry and demanded from her the whole truth. She couldn´t avoid him any longer. She told him everything, and she didn´t care any longer what will happen to her pour soul. However, the master had some other plans with her, now that she was in the last months of her pregnancy, and decided not to harm her, but the guardian who raped her.

He told him one night, before he gone to sleep, that he knows everything what has happened between the slave girl and him, the guardian, and that he, the guardian has two possible options to chose from. He can either run away from the town and the province, never to see his dirty face again, or be killed as a man who damaged his goods, i.e. the slave girl. If he, the guardian, ever wishes to come back, he will be killed on site as soon as he arrives back into this province that was under the control of this Roman proconsul.

So, the guardian decided that it was best for him to run away, even do he wanted to revenge on the girl who had a courage to betray him, the old veteran soldier, to their master.

Finally, after the baby boy was born, the master named him Sclavius, the son of the slave, and made him one of his best young slave apprentices. To teach him how to earn money, how to trade, how to cheat and betray others, how to kill…

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(Cover image & Source: The Lighthouse of Alexandria @ 1001 Inventions)