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…And in this part of our great campus of knowledge, imagination and inspiration; as our founder liked to call it, we are dealing with various science experiments, both physicaly and in a form of multiverse holograms.

What a nice building! It looks like a triangle, doesn´t it?

Yes, maybe I didn´t told you before, but we have six great buildings here in our eco village campus, and every and each of them is constructed in a form of different geometric 3D structure.

So, we have triangle for the science laboratories, rhomb for the art workshops and studios, a sphere for the spiritual centre, pentagons for the two sport superhall buildings and a hexagon for our main building, the headquaters.

Every single of them is situated around the HQ hexagon building, connected with synthetic hard rubber paths for walking outside the buildings, and metal glass tubes for walking inside or using internal diagonal moving elevators. So, it is up to you to choose which path you would like to take. Of course in most cases, our students and employees like to use internal paths in winter time, and every time when the weather is inappropriate for spending time outside. When the weather is fine, we like to stroll around the paths between the buildings, and especially going through our botanical garden, that is divided in six triangle formed parts.

So, in the northwest part we have science department, in the northeast the art workshops, in the north, between them, a spiritual centre, which connects the science and art departments. In the southwest part we have big sport hall divided in several parts for playing and training different sports, mostly ball sports like indoor football, basketball, handball, etc., as well as for athletics and gymnastics, and in the southeast part we have smaller sport hall that has one big swimming pool for swimming and water polo, and a couple of smaller for artistic swimming and diving. We use some of these smaller pools for skating and ice hockey in the winter time. Also, we have some “small sports” rooms for sports like chess, snooker, darts etc.

One of the most important parts of our “green” and self-sustaining campus is our big permaculture garden, with many sorts of fruits and vegetables, as well as cereals and other plants. We use them for our daily purposes, but we don´t keep the animals here, we are strict vegetarians, so if you are not one of those, then you will have a bad time here.

However, as far as I´m aware, there are some standard supermarkets and restaurants in the vicinity, in the nearby smaller towns by the great mountain, where you can buy or eat something of your own choice. Also, you can bring and eat your own food here (in your bedrooms and our common kitchen facility), as long as you put all the waste products in the special trash cans, products that we recycle and compost later. Gardens are located at the southermost edge of our campus, along with many artifical lakes and parks between the fruits, vegetables and cereals´ beds and plantations.

And for this part of our walking tour, I have to say to you that our main building, our HQ is divided into four main parts. In the underground floor, which is a big mutually connected system (it connects the underground floors of all facilities in the campus with transport paths for goods, machines and people, mostly our workers), we have a big warehouse and other similar facilities where many robots, mostly cyborgs and nanobots are working 24 hours a day to make this big campus work without any problems or delays.

At the ground floor there is a big cofee shop and a restaurant, our big kitchen, sanitary facilities etc. In the first upper floor we have the most important premises for our students, classrooms and a big library with both physical books and a digital and holografic media. Above that we have many offices where our clerks are dealing with various bureaucratic affairs. There we have our own banker, a lawyer etc.

Above that is the last floor, an open-air space, where we keep our solar and wind-water installations for producing electricity and heating for the whole building. All the excess energy that is produced there is transported directly to our garden facilities or stored in the large modern batteries.

And, now, my dear summer students, we shall visit our splendid restaurant and have some nice lunch. After that we will have an one-hour break, during which time you can study vast knowledge of our universe in our library or use some of our holografic rooms.

And, by the way, this time the lunch is on me, so you don´t have to use your student cards!


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(Cover Image & Source: Nongnooch Tropical Garden in Chonburi, Thailand @ Fuel Cells Works