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…Last day, and the first day of your visit to our New Liberal Academy, you have seen some of our facilities, that you will surelly explore more in the next couple of weeks. I hope yesterday you spent your free time in our sport center and especially in the library, because that is the place where you will spend most of your time in this summer class period, studying and finding valuable informations about the subjects that we will explore in our common summer study project.

And now, after the basic introduction to our academy, we shall begin with the most interesting part of our summer class, choosing which science and art subjects we shall explore and combine to make our multidisciplinary project.

For that reason we have this holographic device, as you can see in front of you, which is a sort of a super computer that contains all the well known and above all, validated information from all around the world, a sort of mega information network.

By using this device we shall play the game of random selection starting from the main areas of science all to their smallest subdivisions, until we find a topic on which we will do our specific summer research.

So, who wants to be the first?

Don´t be affraid, it won´t bite you.

Kaito, you are a man of the science.

Do you want to start the sequence?

Ok, if you say so, teacher.

What should I do?

When you are ready, press this holographic image with the sign “Choose the Science Area”.

Kaito looks on the strange holographic screen that looks like it is floating in the thin air and after a few seconds he clicks on the image that was presented in front of him.

The holografic device shows the following message on its screen:



Natural Science


So, now we are slowly entering the world of creativity and imagination of the whole human race and its history.

Auka, you can be the next one to play.

Press this button once more.

Auka puts her finger on the flashing holo screen, that looked like it was feeding from the human touch, and the display printed following messages:



Natural Science

Life Science (Biology)


And so they were playing this random selection game for few minutes, until they reached this final step:



Natural Science

Life Science (Biology)


Exoplanetary Science


Psychrophiles/Cryophiles Biology Systems


Arami, you can now press “Yes” for the confirmation of the scientific subdivision area that we will explore together in the next couple of weeks.

Now that we have finished with this short, but funny random algorithm game with our HOLO robot, as I like to call it, we shall proceed to our next step, which will be the first real thing that we shall explore today.

This first step will be to find all the relevant and valuable information about this last subject, Psychrophiles/Cryophiles Biology Systems, considering all the above steps, i.e. subjects. Most of our work in here will be done in searching information in our great library, either by using our printed books and magazines or the HOLO Information Network, for which I will divide you into small groups that you can work together for a couple of days in finding the best possible information that you will consider valuable and relevant for our small research.

An interesting thing about this scientific subtopic, which I remembered just now, is that there is an ongoing research project considering the extremophiles bio cultures in our scientific department, that is conducted by the world famous astrobiologist, prof. dr. Walter Sklodowski from the Krakow University (and no, he has nothing to do with the famous chemist/physicist Maria Sklodowska Curie; they just share the same surname) and Mr. Christofer Ferris from Montreal, a third-year student and his main assistant on that project.

So, instead of only searching for the information in our great library systems, we can observe how the project is going on in live and ask our researchers questions that we think are valuable for our own small summer research. Of course, we have to be polite and not to stand in their way.

Before we can enter the scientific department building and especially the laboratories where the experiments are taking place at this very moment, we have to ask permission of our academy collegues and also, we have to sterilize ourselves and enter wearing the special protective suits that we don´t contaminate the area.

We have to sterilize ourselves?

Isn´t that quite dangerous and bad for our health?

No, Lowanna, it is not that type of sterilisation that you are probably thinking about. And you will be wearing special suits just for that, so you don´t have to worry.

Also, another important thing that I have to say to you is that in this campus we normally don´t speak to each other, at least not mouth to mouth, but instead we use our mental science translators, i.e. a sort of telepathy devices that are helping us in transfering our thoughts from one person to another, or to the whole group of people, if necessary. This is one of the things that are quite different in our facility.

Main reason is because our founder thought that if many people come here to study and do their research, and they do come from different parts of the world, it would be quite impossible and impractical to speak so many languages. Also, as you probably know, using international languages for communication is mostly obsolete nowadays because it is considered no longer practical and it is quite nationalistic to put one or few languages before all the other languages in the world, as it was done in the not so distant past. And using more than 6 000 world languages with all the dialects is quite impossible, even if we use the best modern universal translators. 

Also, using the MLCD or Mental Language Communication Device is considered better for the overall physical and mental health of all the people, because it prevents and stops spreading diseases among the people. And we have seen just too much pandemias in the last two centuries, that devastated our planet considerably. The rules for using this method were also accepted and confirmed five years ago by The SSPMHA (Solar System Physio-Mental Health Alliance), even do still many people refuse to use them, especially those that are living in the less populated and under developed areas, like in some parts of north and central Europe, where the last pandemia outbreak killed more than 80% of the whole population. Provinces Teutonica and Scandia were one of the most affected in whole of the world. 

So, if you are still in doubt about using all of this measures of precaution, I have to warn you that we are situated in the Province of Pannonia, which is not so far away from those two that I just mentioned.  

Now that I told you most of the things that I think you should now before entering the science department, as well as the departments for arts and spirituality, we can step outside our cosy classrooom, take a short walk through our small botanical garden and meet our scientists.

Today is such a nice and sunny day, it would be a shame to spend it all by being indoors. 

Don´t you agree?

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(Cover Image & Source: Extremophiles (Tardigrades) @ ThoughtCo.)