…Reading all of the stories that are going on in the last couple of weeks regarding this new global pandemia of the Coronavirus disease, known under a new name COVID-19, a part of the SARS virus family that has become more prominent in the last two decades (just remember, it all started with SARS epidemia in China in 2002., then different sorts of swine and bird flu, MERS in the Middle East in 2012., all to todays COVID-19). And not to mention all the other non-influenza related epidemia in the same period (cholera, malaria, yellow fever and ebola in Africa, measles and mumps worldwide, just to mention few most deadliest; see the list of biggest worldwide pandemia in history @ List of epidemics).

All of that reminded me on the old saying that nothing happens without the reason. For me personally, I see two possible reasons why these deadliest diseases are striking so often, and why now, when most parts of the world have the most modern medicine technology.

One of the possible reasons is that this is the answer to the global climate change that is happening for the last two-three centuries, since the beginning of the industrial revolutions that spread from Europe and North America to all the corners of our blue planet. Maybe we are seeing a sort of retaliation in action by the planet Earth itself (the Gaia theory of the living planet), that wants to say no more to global pollution, no more destroying Amazon rainforests, no more contamination of the world seas, oceans and air, no more extermination of plant and animal species, etc.


The time has come for the human race to learn that the planet is the only one that rules the world and the one that defines the laws and not the humanity, that is smaller than the poppy seeds. So, all of these pandemia, along with natural disasters in a form of too frequent floods, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes and tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, just to mention the few most famous; are just answers of our beloved blue planet to our human terror.

The other possibility is that this is a sort of intentional human intervention into the laws of the nature, a scientific experiment that has gone wrong, an experiment of mutation of the known species of microbes, that can not be controlled any longer.

Is HIV one of those science experiments gone wrong?

Even do this second option is a sort of conspiracy theory, it is not totally impossible considering that it is well known what are some “secret” societies trying to do in the last couple of centuries, and especially from the 1970´s, when some of their “evil” plans were revealed to the human population, plans about reducing human population to just a billion or less in the next few decades, and reducing it in any possible way. This is the world of the Big Brother that we could read about in the stories of G. Orwell, especially in his famous “1984.” book, world that was before just a science fiction, and now it is reality, no matter what you think about it.

big brother

But, no matter who is to be blamed for this current situation (and yes, pandemias have happened in the history of human kind, so it is not the question why is there a pandemia, but why is it happening right now, why is it so deadly and why is the frequency of the deadly diseases so high in the last two decades), we have to take into consideration that this is not only the problem about the global spreading of the disease and a vast number of deaths in a short period of time, but also of all the other consequences that this will bring in the near future of our civilisation.

First of all, if this pandemia continues, we will surelly have a new Global Economy Recession or Depression, maybe even worse than the one from 2007.-2009., or even from the one from 1929.-1932. Even now, the stock markets in all the big economy and trade centres of the world (London, New York, Tokyo, Shangai, etc.) are falling badly (in average, stock indexes have fallen more then 10% in a single day in the last two weeks), and all of this panic with the virus pandemia has already damaged many sport and cultural events all around the world (in all of my 38 years of life I have never seen that in a one single period almost all sport events in the world are paused or suspended; there will probably be no EURO 2020 this year, and the Olympics 2020 in Tokyo are also at big stake).

So, for the time being, there are no sport events, no cultural events, no business and science conferences, no concerts, nothing. All the gatherings of more than few hundreds people are baned or restricted in almost all parts of the world (even in Stockholm, where I live, all big human gatherings are closed, and the breakfast and lunch in my social centre, where I eat, will be served group by group of maximum 25 people in the dinning room).

Due to the fact that our modern world is globally connected, and especially trading and banking, this could cause serious problems in the next couple of years. If this pandemia (along with others that may come later), along with other natural disasters creates real new and more deadly global economy crisis, this means that many companies will go bankrupt, especially the small ones (which already happened recently, in last economy crisis) or will be bought by the biggest multinational corporations (that are already ruling the world).

This means that in the next few years there will be even more unemployed people all around the world, which will bring more chaos.

More unemployment means that the consumption of products will be lower (i.e. shopping possibilities), along with the local and global GDPs, which will bring more poverty to our civilisation. And the difference between the richest and the poorest will be even more visible than today.

So, at the end we will have maybe 5-10% of the most richest people on the planet (mostly owners of the big multinational corporations that will make all the rules, and in reality rule the governments, a true New World Order) and 90-95% of the people who are either very poor or are close to be poor.

If you will end in those 90-95% of the world population, the only chance for you to survive will be if you make your own small company and work either at home (online business, that is already becoming more and more popular in the last few decades), or make a small local business, just enough to support yourself and your family, like having your own eco farm in some small village, or an art studio or small science laboratory to sell your science products or artworks, locally or online).

If you don´t do that you will end up being in one of the two worse categories; working as a slave in some company for a very small salary (and high taxes, insurances and all the other expenses) along with many robot machines (most companies are even now preparing to replace most of the human workers with robots, which is cheaper for the companies themselves), and this is if you have luck to find some job. More unemployed people means more job competition and lower salaries, as I already mentioned.

Will we become slave workers like in Charlie Chaplin´s “Modern Times”?

At the other hand, if you are the most unfortunate, you will end up on the streets, living as a homeless bum and a low life (which is what is happening to me this moment).

…or homeless bunch sleeping on the streets?

So, what do you think about all of these?

Will pandemia create more chaos in the world, make global economy fall to another recession and make more people unemployed and homeless, or is there some chance that we people will finally start to learn from our own mistakes of the recent past, and think with our heads, and not with our “wallets”?

(Cover Image & Source: Coronavirus Effect On Global Economy @ Financial Times