…In order to practice the foreign languages that I have learned in the last couple of years, i.e. German and Swedish along with the English that I´m already using almost all of my life, I have decided to make some sort of a language game, where I can write long or short sentences, in poetic or standard writing style, by using all the three above mentioned languages and then combine them in various funny combinations.

So, get ready for the mumble jumble Germanic language game!


Step 1: Writing sentences in every language individually


(The English language)

Cold night on the cradle falls

with no moonlight in its sight

the eternal nightmare has just begun


(Die Deutsche Sprache)

Die kalte Nacht auf der Wiege fällt

ohne Mondlicht im Blick

der ewige Albtraum hat gerade erst begonnen


(Svenska språket)

Kall natt på vaggan faller

med inget månsken i sikte

den eviga mardrömmen har precis börjat


Step 2: Mixing languages (one langauge/one row) 


Cold night on the cradle falls

ohne Mondlicht im Blick

den eviga mardrömmen har precis börjat


Step 3: Mixing languages (two languages (one syllable per language)/one row) 


Cold night auf der Wiege fällt

med inget månsken in its sight

der ewige Albtraum har precis börjat


Final step: Mixing languages (one word per language, total mix)


Cold Nacht på cradle fällt

med no Mondlicht i its Blick

den eternal Albtraum har just begonnen


Interesting, right? 😉 🙂


(Cover Image & Source: Nightmares Are Good for You @ Elemental)