…Since February, Italy has been experiencing a dramatic health emergency because of Coronavirus (Covid-19). The disease hit both the population and the national health system very seriously: Italy is the second worst affected country after USA.

So far, more than 10. Currently in Lombardy there are more than 7,200 infected people, among them 2,136 in Bergamo and 1,100 in Milan.

It’s time to support our health facilities to tackle the emercency situation: we want to help Papa Giovanni XIII Hospital in Bergamo – an international excellence – continue the activities at its best.

“Bergamo hospital is facing an unprecedented situation and it needs our support to assist all people in need – as Cristina Parodi explained – Other people in the show business, like Michelle Hunziker, Paola Turani and Sofia Goggia, entrepreneurs and citizens are helping Cesvi charity initiative to raise funds for Bergamo hospital and the people between Milan and Bergamo living in Coronavirus affected area.”

Cesvi is mostly concerned about elderly over 65, vulnerable people who may be severely affected by Covid-19.

“Cesvi was founded in Bergamo and it works in the most serious humanitarian emergency in the world. Now we are facing an emergency in our own country, particularly in Lombardy as the worst-affected region. So, in coordination with local authorities and associations, we are in the front line to provide expertise and assistance to the most fragile population, like elderly +65” Gloria Zavatta, Cesvi’s president, said.

In collaboration with Cooperativa Spazio Aperto Servizi, Cesvi is launching the project “We come to you” on home assistance for lonely elderly people in Bergamo and Milan. (Source: Cesvi.eu)

…And that was how the situation looked on the 10th March when this report was written. Now, two weeks later, the situation is even worser:

  • more than 700k infected people in the world
  • more than 35k death cases
  • Italy alone is the second most infected country (after USA) with almost 100k infected people and over 10k deaths (Data Source: Coronavirus Pandemic)

Hospitals all around Italy, especially in north Italy are lacking funds and space to keep up with the growing epidemia. One of those hospitals is Papa Giovanni XIII Hospital in Bergamo. Because of that, local people made a video project to help them to fight this epidemia.

Buy the song to support this very important project:

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“Rinascerò, Rinerai” was arranged by Danilo Ballo with the mixing of Marco Barusso, the choirs were sung by a group of Bergamo voices gathered thanks to the collaboration of Daniele Vavassori, and by the wonderful voice of Valeria Caponnetto Delleani, while the guitars of the final are played by Diego Arrigoni, guitarist of Modà.

A song born in support of the virus crown emergency, especially for the city of Bergamo seriously affected by Covid-19, all proceeds from downloads, copyrights and editorial rights (Facchinetti / D’Orazio) will be totally donated in favor of the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital in Bergamo for the purchase of medical equipment.

It will also be possible to make spontaneous donations on the current account of the Pope Giovanni XXIII hospital in Bergamo – IBAN: IT75Z0569611100000008001X73 causal: Progetto Rinascerò, rebirth FOLLOWED BY NAME, SURNAME AND TAX CODE

«After seeing on television the images of the army trucks carrying the corpses of my fellow citizens» says Roby «I was overwhelmed by emotion, the crying and anger brought me to the piano and in a few minutes the music was born and the title of “I will be reborn, you will be reborn”. It was an inspiration and an immediate need, I felt that I had to do something, in particular for my city, so hard hit … I called Stefano asking him to support me in the project and entrusting him with the text, which perfectly expresses what I felt, a perfect marriage between music and words. The song is the desire for rebirth and hope, a dedication to those who have left us and their families, thanks for all those who work incessantly for the good of others: doctors, nurses and all hospital staff, are the heroes and heroines of these days. A prayer for a city that does not give up ».

«A few days ago Roby called me in a voice broken by tears» continues Stefano «between a breath and a silence he told me about the excruciating vision he had just witnessed … half an hour later I was already looking for the most suitable words to dress the his music, words of pain, of trust, of redemption. Bergamo is my second city, a city that has adopted me, welcomed me and where I spent my best years of work. “I will be reborn, you will be reborn” wants to be a simple way to do our little part too: this we know how to do, the Music, for a hymn to the future of a wounded city that “when everything is over, will return to see the stars” » . (Message from the video, translated from Italian)

So, if you can not help them financially, you can at least WATCH AND SHARE THIS VIDEO that is available on this link:

Roby Facchinetti – Rinascerò, Rinascerai