…I have never been a fan of the social sciences, especially not economics and law, due to their use of complex mathematics and statistics; but since I had begun with experimenting with making a SciArt-type story Dreams of Africa…, that combines Development Economics (that talks about economy of the underdeveloped countries (most of them are in Africa)) from the area of (Social) Sciences, and Ecstatic Dance (from the areas of Arts, precisely Performing Arts), I have started to understand these Social Science topics much better then before.

And most of that I can thank to the very interesting presentation-type videos that I was watching ( and still watch) on the YouTube video channel called Development Economics by Marginal Revolution University, that is made as an educational program (economy course) for all the students that wish to participate in it.

All these YouTube videos are made by two economy professors, Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok, with assistance of other people with preparing slides, graphs, images and professional video clips.

After I have seen at least 30-40 different videos, where I really learned a lot, I can say that I understand much more of the world of economics (at least development economics), and from the 252 videos that are currently available for watching on their YouTube channel, I especially liked some of those that covered special topics with examples from real world like:

Basic Facts of Growth and Development

Guns, Germs and Steel

Geography and Development, Disease

Why Agriculture is Important

Green Revolution



Land reform in India

China’s agricultural reforms

Fertilizer, roads, and Africa


Wheat, water, and Saudi Arabia

The Rice Price Spike of 2007-2008

The Soy Boom

Malawi restricts trade in corn

Watermelon scale economies

Ground water in Yemen

Adam Smith

A tomato border crossing

Yams, a man’s crop?

The Solow Model (Brief, no math)


Purchasing Power Parity: When in India, Get a Haircut (a real time video, like a short movies)

Try to watch them , you will enjoy and learn more about economy!

If I´m still watching them, after I had used the data for making the mentioned story, Dreams of Africa…, and I don´t like the economy in general, then it says a lot about these videos…

(Cover Image & Source: Development Economics by Marginal Revolution University @ YouTube)