…Synthetic biology is a new 4th industrial revolution technology that could end our human race, or make it better, depending on our human behaviour. So, after we had chemical warfare in the WWI (producing and using poisons made mostly by German chemist Fritz Haber), and nuclear warfare at the end of WWII (as a product of quantum physics), now we are on a verge of WWIII, a biological warfare…

Kinesis Magazine

Biotechnology has the potential to revolutionise our lives, but how are scientists setting about making this happen?

Writer: Harry Dodd
Editor: Zehra Evcil
Artist: Iona Jenkins

It may seem like the plot of a particularly far-fetched science fiction novel, but artificial life is on its way. Imagine a world where viruses have no power, and disease is only encountered in history books. We have a long way to go until we reach this point, but pioneering researchers in Biotechnology are laying the foundations.

Recently the US based National Institute of Health awarded almost 2 million dollars of funding to a Rice University researcher who aims to create cells able to produce custom Amino Acids, unlike any found in nature. With these, a virtually endless array of problems can be tackled. Take genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, for example. One of the most controversial issues surrounding GM crops, is the potential…

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