This is such a marvelous article that I had to reblog it! I totally agree with you, even do I think it would be better if we would continue to work in specialized jobs, because that gives more vacant working places for more people; but I would implement generalization in our everyday life. So, when you work something, for ex. in an office, do your best, but when you come home, be polymath, as you say, read books of different areas, listen various music and watch various film genres. Explore everything you want to explore, feel the life in all of its riches. And if you want, while you still have that boring job that still pays your expenses, you can start your own job, become an enterpreneur. When your own job becomes the only one that you need to pay your bills, than quit your previous boring job. That´s it!

A Better Man

We live in a culture that pressures us to specialize. At university, we’re urged to focus on a single field of study. After university, we’re encouraged to pursue a single career path. Our parents, teachers and colleagues hammer home the message – to succeed, specialize, don’t generalize.

But what if this message is completely wrong? The fact of the matter is, as human beings, we evolved to have various skills and abilities. We’re naturally multifaceted and multi-talented. That’s why the cult of specialization that’s so prevalent in today’s society is likely to leave us unfulfilled, frustrated and bored.

Why limit yourself to being a doctor or a musician when you can pursue both of these activities at once? Why only stick to philosophy when you’re also into botany and art? The truth is, if you want to lead a richer and more optimal life, then you need to get in…

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