…Sitting on a wooden bench, eating my late lunch, observing the sea in the distance.

And while my thoughts are drifting away along the coast of the Öresund canal and the marvelous bridge in the distance, I remember the time when I was walking along the coast of Nybroviken, at the southeast part of Stockholm city, thinking about this crazy world and how can we, humans make it better.

sand beach malmo
Sand beach, Ribersborg, Malmö (Öresund)

I was wondering about this new plague, coronavirus pandemia that is currently preventing me to cross the state borders, to cross the Öresund bridge from Malmö to Köpenhamn, and continue with my journey to northern Germany, searching possibilities for new job and a place to stay.

How this plague will influence the world in the near future, especially when we consider what impact it has on the global economy, as well as on other areas, like culture and sports. I mean, in all of 38 years of my life I have never seen that the whole world would stop for anything, less for some influenza-type disease. The more this pandemia continues, the more I believe that this is just another deception of the so called New World Order (no matter what scientists say about it, that this is just another mutation of the natural cause).

But lets get back to the previous thought.

This world has already experienced big troubles lately, and pandemia is making it look much worse.  One thing that comes to my mind how all of this is going (and it already is) to affect the labour market, ´cause every day more and more millions of people are losing their jobs, either because of this new economical shock (and the new recession that has already started) or because new technology improvements (especially in robotics and machine industry) are one of those responsible for replacing human workers with robotic machines.

Is This the Future of Labour?

So, what is the future of labour?

I have a feeling, if nothing changes for good of us, common people, that there will be only two types of people which will make most part of humanity, those that have a job, and those that are unemployed.

If you will be one of those lucky to get and keep your job, you will live a life of a slave, a true human robot, where you will “kill yourself to live” on a daily basis, working multiple shifts with a lot of overtime hours (mostly unpaid, or paid low), receiving low wages, and at the same time paying high taxes, insurances, as well as the other costs, like accomodation, food and transport fees.

North Korean employees work in a factory of a South Korean company at the Joint Industrial Park in Kaesong industrial zone
Is This Modern Slave Work? (Factory in North Korea)

If you are unlucky to get at least a chance to be a “good slave worker”, you will end up on the streets, as a homeless bum and a low life, “kicking your can all over the place”, thinking how to survive each and every of your miserable days.

homeless dc
Is This the Future of the Modern Capitalism? (Homeless people in Washington D.C., U.S.A.)

And I know what I am talking about, I experienced (and I´m still experiencing) both of these two extremes of modern life.

So, is there a chance for us, common people, to get out of this enchanted circle?

Yes, there is.

Modern technology has many downsides regarding harsh competition for available jobs, but it also gives us all a new chance to discover something new, a new life style, a new job. If you can not get the job, then make your own. This is why we have Internet. Many people have already discovered that, those that are “working from home”, so called freelancers and digital nomads, travelling journalists, YouTube video channel creators etc.


Regarding labour market, I was thinking about how good specialization really is considering new types of jobs. From one side, it looks good, ´cause more specialized we become (I´m specifically talking about the approach in labour market), the more professional we are and the better chance we have to get a new job and negotiate better salary from the company. Also, it gives us more chance to create our own job, start our own company.

But it also limits us in many different ways, which is already seen today in how modern people (especially youth) are behaving on a daily basis, in their schools, jobs or life styles.

The more specialized we are with jobs and education, the more stupid and ignorant we become. Knowing only one thing or narrowly specialized area in general, we (un)intentionally deprive us of many good things that generalization normally brings.

So, we have to become more generalized in our lives, we have to explore the world from many different approaches and angles, think deeper, have more understanding about everything that surrounds us.

Only then we will become the whole persons, the true holistic society.

books staircase
Should We Read More Books?

So, if specialization is required in modern jobs, let it be, but in our everyday lives (in our free time) we have to embrace more generalized styles. This is why I always say that it is of the greatest importance to continue to read quality books (and valuable texts in general), listen great music and watch great movies and TV series; above all the other valuable things.

Generalization is maybe little obsolete today in a world of abundance, but it brought us here where we are now, on the steps of the fourth industrial revolution.

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Holism and holistic education is something that is sure to be the next great thing in our near future. And I will do my best to continue to follow its path. Who knows where will that bring me one day.

Maybe to some new discoveries, new projects, new revelations?

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