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The KISS Project…

…It has been nine years since I started to think about my spiritual/holistic multidisplinary education project, where I am trying to combine four different disciplines, four different human research areas: science, arts, spirituality and sports; with special reference to the first two, science and arts, in a so called Sci ArT projects.

And why the name KISS?

Well, it all started with my attempts to combine different skills that are required for any human research area: knowledge, intelligence and creativity, which later became known as my three “holy grails”: creativity (related mostly to arts and culture), innovation (related to science and technology) and self-knowledge (related to religion and spirituality), that made (a Croatian language) abbreviation KISS (Kreativnost, Inovacija, SamoSpoznaja), i.e. Creativity, Innovation and Self-Knowledge (School).

Inside that vast project I made (and I’m still working on) a general concept of the future school, basic preliminary KISS (literary) works, SciArT works from other famous artists, etc.


Stairway to Wisdom – Introduction to the Creativity, Innovation & Self-Knowledge School

Change Your Attitude and Fight For Your New Freedom!

How To Travel on the Road of Creativity and Self-Knowledge?

Find Inspiration For Your Creative Ideas – Read About My Thorny Life Path

Find Your Interests, Create A New Hobby Or Business!

The Beginning

Can We Start Once Again? …

Stairway To Wisdom: Six Pillars To The Ultimate Spiritual Enlightenment…

Modern Education Online Pilot Project (The KISS School…)

The Pillars of Wisdom – The Knowledge

The Pillars of Wisdom – The Intelligence

The Pillars of Wisdom – The Self-Knowledge

The Pillars of Wisdom – Sport & Recreation

The Pillars of Wisdom – Creativity & Innovation

The Pillars of Wisdom – Criticism & Self-Criticism

Multidisciplinary Literature-Based Projects

(Astronomy/Creative Drama)

Titan, Here We Come!

Titan, Here We Come! (Part II…)

(Development Economics/Ecstatic Dance)

Dreams of Africa…

(Social Psychology/Pantomime)

Tanja’s School of Pantomime for Deaf-Mute Children…

The Future of Education (Fictional Story)

In the School of the Future…

Let´s Walk Around and Explore the Future!…

How To Choose the Right Scientific Field And Start the True Holistic Education Program?

Discovering Holographic Art…

Sci ArT Guest Works

Quarantine Boxes by Helen Birnbaum Ceramics (Virology/Ceramics)

The World of BioArt by Amy Karle – “One Of The Most Influential Women in 3D Printing” (Biology/Multiple Artworks)

A Photographic Survey by Jessica Wynne of Chalkboards Filled by Mathematicians @ Manchester School of Samba (Mathematics/Photography)

Surreal World of Human Pain by Igor Morski (Social Sciences/Visual Arts)

How To Catch the Power and the Beauty of the Hawaiian Ocean Waves by Marsha Blaker & Paul DeSomma (Oceanography/Ceramics)

The Beauty of the Brain Cells by Dana Simmons (Neurobiology/Photography)

Brain Sculptures by BLANKBRAIN… (Neurobiology/Graphics)

The Echoes by Saida Valenzuela (Mineralogy/Digital Photography)

Birds in Flight by Xavi Bou (Ornithology/Graphics)

Nano Art – Observing the World of Mysteries (Nanotechnology/Visual Arts)

(Image Cover & Source: The School of Athens by Raphael @ EN-Wikipedia)

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