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…One of the main reasons for the existence of this site is the promotion of creative authors and their interesting works and projects, whether it is scientific discoveries and inventions, works of art, spiritual practices, sports and recreation, excursions …

To make it easier for each author to present himself and his work, I created a short questionnaire that each author fulfilled, and added four photographs of the author’s work to this online “interview”. Apart from this, some of the authors have contributed to the quality and the interest of this site and had published some texts with their own works.

Želite li predstaviti sebe i svoje autorske radove na stranicama Libertas Nove? (eng. Would you like to introduce yourself and your author’s work on Libertas Nova web site?)

Short interviews with creative authors and their works:

Ana Karabatić – art in the world of hygiene

Dominik Papić – photography is my life

Ianus Christius – life is a great adventure

Ilma Đuliman – the art of decorating the body

Luka Kordic – politics in life always keeps pace

Maja Gijevski – bathed in the sun’s rays

Mirjana Knežević – in preserving local cultural heritage

Slavenka Đikić – express your creativity

Tanja Klašnja – jedinstvo u svijetu različitosti (special interview in Croatian language)

Works and posts of guest authors:

All texts are in Croatian language!

Remark: You can translate this posts from Croatian to English using Google Translator (just copy and paste web address of the post in translator, and click Translate)

Davanje – prvi korak prema sreći (autorica teksta: Branka Tara) (eng. Giving – The First Step to Happiness (author of the text: Branka Tara))

Poruka Majke Zemlje – “Volite svoje različitosti” (autorica teksta: Branka Tara) (eng. Message of Mother Earth – “Love Your Differences” (author of the text: Branka Tara))

Što je uzrok dosade? (autorica posta: Branka Tara) (eng. What is the cause of boredom? (author post: Branka Tara))

Vrag – prerušeni Bog (autorica teksta: Branka Tara) (eng. The Devil – the Disguised God (author of the text: Branka Tara))


Tisuću razloga “protiv” i jedan “za” (autor posta: Dominik Papić) (eng. Thousands of reasons “against” and one “for” (author post: Dominik Papić))

Putopis: Nacionalni park “Krka” (autor posta: Dominik Papić) (eng. Travel Guide: Krka National Park (author: Dominik Papić))

Putopis: Bled – Radovljica (autor posta: Dominik Papić) (eng. Travelogue: Bled – Radovljica (author post: Dominik Papić))

Dominik Papić – strastveni fotograf, putopisac i avanturist (sjećanja na njegova dosadašnja putovanja) (eng. Dominik Papić – passionate photographer, travel writer and adventurer (memories of his travels so far))

Mlad, ambiciozan i uspješan: Mladi fotograf izdaje svoj treći autorski foto kalendar i kaže ”Biti će najbolji do sada” (autor objave: Dominik Papić) (eng. Young, ambitious and successful: A young photographer publishes his third photo calendar and says “He will be the best so far” (author: Dominik Papić))

U prodaji unikatni autorski foto kalendar mladog zagrebačkog fotografa! (autor objave: Dominik Papić) (eng. Selling unique photo calendar of young Zagreb´s photographer! (publisher: Dominik Papić))


Putopis: Banja Luka – Krupa na Vrbasu (autorica posta: Tanja Klašnja) (eng. Travelogue: Banja Luka – Krupa na Vrbasu (author: Tanja Klašnja))

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