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Mighty Eye Project…

(Cover Image & Source: The Journey by Ianus Christius @ Libertas Nova)

…During the early spring of 2019., while living and working in Unterschleißheim, a small city in Bavaria, south Germany, I realized some of the ideas that are involving experiments of art photography, predominantly in black and white format.

Although I have managed to produce only nine photographs in that short period, which served me as some sort of amateur pilot project, I believe and hope to continue with this project in the near future, as I have long since had many other and far more interesting and professional ideas related to this form of photographic art.

For such works that combine photography and graphic design, I will need much more time, professional photographic equipment and collaborators to help me in the production of the graphics as well as those that could serve as photographic models, due to the fact that in some of my ideas I can not be a photographer and a model at the same time.

To make the photographs more interesting, I have attached to each of them a kind of mystical poem, the content of which can be linked to the photos themselves.

And these are those nine photo posts:

Art Photography…

The Mist…

The Agriculture…

The Anticipation…

The Blindness…

The Journey…

The Oblivion…

The Rest…

The Home…

The Surreality…

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