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Mysteries of Nature…

(Cover Image & Source: Plitvice Lakes, Lika County, Croatia @ CroVista)

…Few months after I started writing and editing my first blog, the idea came to me to write short poems, a haiku-style poetry, poetry that I dedicated to my endless love for the only thing I truly love and have a maximimal respect for, and that is wild nature.

During the few months that I spent on walking adventures, in getting to know my homeland Croatia and all of its natural beauties (2012. – 2013.), I wrote and published 12 short poems, that are telling a stories about 12 different topics and translated them from Croatian into English a few years later.

These poems, this poetry about the secrets of nature and its powerful invisible and mysterious forces, are also available for reading on this site:

Poetry of Nature…

Mysteries of Nature (Part I.)…

Mysteries of Nature (Part II.)…

Mysteries of Nature (Part III.)…

Mysteries of Nature (Part IV.)…

Mysteries of Nature (Part V.)…

Mysteries of Nature (Part VI.)…

Mysteries of Nature (Part VII.)…

Mysteries of Nature (Part VIII.)…

Mysteries of Nature (Part IX.)…

Mysteries of Nature (Part X.)…

Mysteries of Nature (Part XI.)…

Mysteries of Nature (Part XII.)…

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