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New Utopia…

(Cover Image & Source: Green City of the Future by Agata Sumara @ Inzynieria)

…During the months of Autumn 2019., since I arrived to Stockholm, a capital of Sweden, I was unpleasantly surprised by the many ineffective and somewhat stupid rules I found in this city, and, totally dissatisfied with the entire city and society that I found here, I began to write about the problems not only of this Scandinavian society, but of the whole, predominantly capitalist civilization.

I have written a series of posts concerning the neo-anarchist issues of implementing new political, economical, social, scientific and spiritual principles to making this world of pain a much better place to live; which reminded me on the first two articles that I wrote on my first blog Anarchy4all many years before (March 2011.), that were called, respectively, Misli jednog anarhista (en. Thoughts of an Anarchist) and De Rerum Politica.

These are the new neo-anarchist posts concerning different subjects, as mentioned in the previous paragraph:

Death to Capitalism – The New Anarchist Is Born!

What Do We Need To Live A Sustainable Life?

How Should the Modern Urban Areas Look Like – Air/Water Problems & Solutions

How Should the Modern Urban Areas Look Like – Public Toilet Systems Problems

How Should the Modern Urban Areas Look Like – Free Public Internet/Electricity Problems

How Should the Modern Urban Areas Look Like – Public Transportation System

Neoanarchist Noocracy/Geniocracy Democratic Society – Revolution For The New Type of World´s Government

Are The Products Of The Modern Capitalism Really So Good And Valuable?

How To Help Homeless And Unemployed People – Building And Modernising Social Centres and Homeless Camps

How To Start The Change For The Optimistic Future Of The World – Do We Need Political Borders After All?

Mental Science – The Future Of The Human Language?

Modern Urban Areas or Remote Eco Villages – Who Will Win the Match of the Future?

Do We Really Need The Money After All? – Introducing The Currency Of The Future

Are We Living at the Dawn of the Free Energy World?

Creative Marketing Program – TV Ads of the Future?

Life in the World of Abundance – What Is More Important, Quantity or Quality?

Of Naturalism Or How We Should Change Our Belief System…

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