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Thoughts of the Spiritual Anarchist…

(Cover Image & Source: Anarchy As Spiritual Practice by Jay Cypher @ YouTube)

…During the days of my personal initiation into the world of religions, spirituality, esoteric and occultism (2011.-2013.), I came to many ideas, mostly related to religion, spirituality and science, that I wrote in a form of short posts on the old Anarchy4all blog, posts that are concerned with many differents topics, and that are asking questions like:

What are senses and how they deceive us?
How to curb our violent nature?
What is good and what is evil; and whether there is any difference at all?
What can we learn from human views, and how to control our fears?
Monotheism or polytheism, who is right and who is wrong; and who or what is God?
Vegetarianism, a monster of the modern age or a new future?
How to become wiser?
What is the meaning of life and why do we dream after all?
What is the reality of our modern information systems and how will our future look like?

All of those posts you can also read on these pages:

Philosophical Texts…

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The Game of Life – Will We Survive at the End?

What Is My Destiny On This World?

The Information – Holy Grail or the Curse of the Modern Society?

Senses, The Big Deception of The World of Matter…

About the Violent Human Nature…

Of Good and Evil…

Fear – The Everlasting Enemy…

Pieces of the Great Puzzle…

The Fall of Human Civilisation: The Lack of Trust…

The Future: Will Machines Determine Our Destinies?

Play the Game of Life…

The Fear of the Nature…

The Fear of the Nature (Part II.)…

Monotheism Or Polytheism – That Is The Question…

Ideology of Vegetarianism – Nutrition of the Future?

And That’s Life!

The Well of Youth…

The Well of Youth (Part II.)…

What Is Life?

What Is Wisdom?

What Is Wisdom? (Part II.)…


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