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What is Libertas Nova?…

“Creativity is the ability to solve one problem with the use of more potential and equally good solutions…” (Verbum Opus Exornat by Ianus Christius)

…United with high intelligence and constructive knowledge and criticism, creativity can be a powerful, but also joyful tool for exploring new and interesting worlds and ideas.

The world of creativity has never been as interesting as it is today. Scientific inventions and innovations, art masterpieces in the field of fine arts, both “pure” and applied, music and film, photography, design, architecture; all incorporated and transcribed with a spiritual element that announces a brighter future.

And that all is the essence of Libertas Nova, world of imagination and fun of its creator Ianus Christius, and his diverse philosophical, spiritual, artistic and scientific thoughts and ideas, united in various, mostly online projects with the intention to help people find meaning of their lives, to awaken and explore their creativity and innovation, start a new meaningful hobby or profitable and interesting job, to push them one step closer to the final spiritual enlightenment.

Are There Any Real Differences Between Creativity and Innovation After All? (Arts Professional)

For Libertas Nova is the New Freedom, a Freedom that brings a new future, a future where all is one, one truthful holistic value; science, art and spirituality united with the purpose to find the meaning of human existence and exterminate the biggest enemy of the modern world, a cancer of the 21st century society, progressive human ignorance…

school athens
Can We Create a True Noocratic Society of the Future? (The School of Athens by Raphael)

The main goals of this web project are:






On these pages you can find all sorts of valuable information concerning the worlds of science, arts, spirituality and adventurism; works of other people, as well as the works of Ianus Christius, the author of this web site:

Verbum Opus Exornat… (collection of philosophical and spiritual thoughts, sayings and stories written in a Tao Te Ching, book of wise sayings style)

Thoughts of the Spiritual Anarchist… (philosophical, spiritual, social and popular scientific ideas presented in a form of short text articles)

Mysteries of Nature… (a small collection of haiku-style poems inspired by the beauty and mysticism of the wild nature)

Mighty Eye Project… (predominantly black and white art photography works)

Stories from the Shadow… (short horror pseudohistorical stories about the egoism and obsessions of the human deranged mind)

New Utopia… (philosophical and social texts on the possibilities of improvement and progress of the current human society and ideas about the near future)

Projects in Croatia… (all the, mostly online projects made while living and working in my homeland)

Other projects…


Creativity, Innovation & Self-Knowledge School (The KISS Project)…

…The special part of Libertas Nova is a multidisciplinary online project, that is still in the creation phase, and which contains the basic ideas of an emerging school, as well as projects involving the use of more than one area of human activity, no matter are they coming from the areas of science, arts, spirituality and/or sports.


The KISS School…

KISS Multidisciplinary Projects… (SciArT World League)

Special and the most interesting part of this whole project will be a holistic walking adventure whose premises are still in the making phase…


“If a man wants a freedom, he must lose everything else.” (Ianus Christius)

Kristijan Nikola Kuš, alter ego Ianus Christius; author and founder of Libertas Nova

P.S. You can read more about goals of Libertas Nova project in the post What is Libertas Nova?

(Cover Image & Source: How To Think Creatively? @ University Connection)

13 thoughts on “What is Libertas Nova?…

  1. Hello Kristijan Nikola Kuš (alter ego Ianus Christius; author and founder of Libertas Nova)!

    It seems that SoundEagle is amongst the first living being to click the “Like” button and definitely the very first reader to comment here.

    Given that SoundEagle’s writing here is the very first comments on this “About” page since your new blog’s inception in late 2016, SoundEagle would like to wish you a new dawn and a satisfying journey of blogging in 2019 and beyond.

    SoundEagle hopes that you continue to do very well and find fulfillment in whatever you enjoy doing and savouring, especially through your new blog as a creative outlet to share and document your thoughts and opinions, and as a vehicle or medium to write about Libertas Nova, which “is the New Freedom, a Freedom that brings a new future, a future where all is one, one truthful holistic value; science, art and spirituality united with the purpose to find the meaning of human existence and exterminate the biggest enemy of the modern world, a cancer of the 21st century society, progressive human ignorance…” via “the essence of Libertas Nova, world of imagination and fun of its creator Ianus Christius, and his diverse philosophical, spiritual, artistic and scientific thoughts and ideas, united in smaller or bigger creative local or online projects with the intention to help people find meaning of their lives, to awaken and explore their creativity and innovation, start a new meaningful hobby or profitable and interesting job, to push them one step closer to the final spiritual enlightenment”.

    This is a considerable project, and ultimately a utopian journey and an optimistic one to realize. All the best!

    You will find that we have similar goals and visions after reading SoundEagle’s “About” page at

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    1. …Thanks for your full introduction! Yes, my site is relatively new, and at first I wrote only in Croatian due to the fact that I was living in Croatia. Yes, it is a very complex project which will be very hard to fulfil. I hope my journey won`t be to long and to hard, and that I will accomplish most of the ideas that I want in the next few years of my pretty adventurous life…

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  2. Dear Kristijan Nikola Kuš (Ianus Christius),

    I have taken a lot of time to go through many of your articles, and learnt about your great trials and tribulations, especially those described in your post entitled “Find Inspiration For Your Creative Ideas – Read About My Thorny Life Path”. In a sense, you have been experiencing what some of the great sages (including buddha) had when they exiled themselves or spent time in the wild to seek clarity and resolutions to their existential crises and questions.

    You are indeed a kind of renaissance man, a polyglot with insatiable appetite for (self-)knowledge, innovation and creativity. I would like to add that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” is due to the emergent property — a property which a collection or complex system has, but which the individual members do not have. That emergent properties or behaviours occur only when the parts interact in a wider whole informs us of the importance of holism whereby various systems (whether spiritual, physical, biological, social, cultural, ecological or otherwise) should be viewed as wholes, not merely as a collection of parts. As such, we both share the same interest in matters pertaining to emergence and holism.

    More importantly, I would like to congratulate you on your worthwhile formulation of an overarching learning trajectory for achieving or living a life well examined and excellently balanced by the basic principles of your education system, which you intend to incorporate into your future courses or school in the near future. Perhaps you forthcoming premises will be named the “School of Ultimate Spiritual Enlightenment (SUSE)”, whose “Six Pillars of Wisdom (SPW)” is quoted as follows:

    Knowledge (ability to explore the world that surrounds you, to reach as many as possible valuable information about our world, through all the today available medias, and use them to create the new masterpieces of human civilisation)
    Intelligence (ability to use all the collected valuable information from the previous part, to process them in any possible and logic way, to use all the possible techniques (like mental maps) to create groups of valuable data, ready for use in creating some piece of work)
    Self-Knowledge (in order to use all the collected and processed data in the best possible way, and give them “higher” meaning, to inspire and to give them originality and uniqueness, we have to incorporate the best of the world of spirituality into the physical world of science and art)
    Sport & Recreation (if there is no free spirit and healthy body, then we are not capable to create anything usable and valuable; so we need to recreate in the nature and other places to fill our energy levels, and achieve the discipline to continue with our progress)
    Creativity & Innovation (after all the above mention tasks are done, only then we can begin with creating our masterpieces, no matter from what area of science, art, spirituality, etc. they come; we have to incorporate our imagination in this final act of creating works)
    Criticism & Self-Criticism (after the work is done, we have to evaluate our finished work, first by ourselves, the authors, then by the members of our intelligent and constructive part of our society)

    I would like to wish you all the best in your future endeavours towards your path of enlightenment, as you illuminate the way(s) for others to follow or explore. Undoubtedly, you have certainly come a very long way. Given your goals in life, I would like to inform you that my multidisciplinary blog contains some extended essays, some of which might be of interest to you. I would certainly be very interested in your feedbacks or critiques.

    I am delighted you have had very productive exchanges with my friend Harbans, who has commented on many of my posts, and who mentioned to you on 11 Mar 2019 that “Creativity is the inner knowledge which one showcases to the world at large.”, to which you replied on the same day with the statements “I think it is our goal, our destiny to live our short lives fulfilled with creative thoughts, words and deeds, to create something that will stay after we are gone, for the future generations. We are here, on this planet, in this life just for a short time, and it goes by in a blink of an eye…”.

    How true your abovementioned statements are in relation to the recent passing of my mother! If you have been wondering about or noticing the scant presence of SoundEagle, then please kindly be informed that I have been away from the blogosphere for a long time until quite recently, as a result of having to deal with the daily demands of filial piety and caring duties, as explicated in the post lovingly crafted and published as a special eulogy entitled “Khai & Khim: For Always and Beyond Goodbye”, available at

    Please kindly take your time to read it as it is very involved and multidisciplinary. Moreover, this multimedia eulogy is very extensive and is best viewed on the large screen of a desktop or laptop. In addition, there are plenty of my musical compositions and arrangements for you to relish in the eulogy, should you be curious or inclined to connect with SoundEagle in the sonic domain through the universal language of fine music.

    I am very delighted to have the opportunity to return here to greet you, and to see that you have accomplished a great deal more since I was here more than seven months ago.

    May you find this autumn very much to your liking and highly conducive to your writing, thinking and blogging!

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    1. Thank you very much, again, for spending so much time on reading and evaluating my posts and comments. Unfortunatelly, I can not return the favor, at least not in the same way as you do, and with the same speed and completeness due to the fact that I´m again on the streets, living as a homeless and unemployed man in Stockholm, Sweden, which means that I don´t use any more my computer, but the ones in the public libraries and social centres here in Stockholm city, and the time for using them here is limited to only an hour per day. Also, I have destroyed my new smartphone, so now I must use my old one, which is much smaller and quite slow, so I can not read so much texts as I did before. But, even do I am not a fan of long online texts (everything longer then 1000 words is to much for me, reason why my texts are mostly shorter), and I have a problem with eyes when spending to much time in front of the digital screen, I will try to read and understand some of your texts (which are quite interesting, as I saw them before and just now), at least most of the parts, and write some meaningful and constructive comments. Also, I am sorry for your mother, I hope her soul will rest in peace. Till next time, have a nice day, my online friend! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are welcome to read each of my long posts over several sessions rather than one, so that you can pace yourself.

        Moreover, most of my long posts have navigational menus to allow you to jump to different sections instantly, so that you can go to any section and read from there.

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      2. I am confident that your patience is equally matched by your intellect, not to mention that the organizational structures and advanced stylings in my posts will be guiding you all along.

        Please be informed that most of the images in any one of my posts can also be commented on by clicking (or touching if you use a touch screen) the image so that a larger version of the image and its comment field plus metadata will float above the post for you to insert your comment.

        Please enjoy.

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