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Creativity & Self-Knowledge by Ianus Christius…

What is LN?…

…The world of creativity has never been as interesting as it is today. Scientific inventions and innovations, art masterpieces in the field of fine arts, both “pure” and applied, music and film, photography, design, architecture; all incorporated and transcribed with a spiritual element that announces a brighter future.

All this you will find on this site, at Libertas Nova, a site that promotes creative and innovative ideas, encourages thought and constructive criticism, displays works from various areas.

Watch photos, read my texts, visit shared pages of other creative and innovative authors. For Libertas Nova is the New Freedom, a Freedom that brings a new future, a future where all is one, one truthful holistic value; science, art and spirituality united in one goal, to find the meaning of human existence…

The web site was created in November 2016., and at first, all of the texts were written in Croatian language (which can be seen on the links on the top of the page, and in the Categories section). Two years later, from November 2018., all the texts are and will be written only in English language, and will be concerned mostly with the original works of the author of Libertas Nova, Ianus Christius (alter ego), and his fictional stories, philosophical texts, spiritual toughs and sayings, stories from his great walking adventure in the summer of 2012., and with all other art works.

Kristijan Kuš, alter ego Ianus Christius; author and founder of Libertas Nova

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