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Who is I.C.?…

…Ianus Christius (alter ego, born as Kristijan Nikola Kuš), (Zagreb, Croatia, December 6th 1981.) is a creative, stubborn and restless male creature always in a search for a new adventures and experiences.

Chemist by profession, artist by love, former recreational sportsman, amateur heavy metal singer, secondary actor, walking adventurist, photographer by hobby and a blog/book writer.

As a young man he participated in many sport activities (mostly recreational), like football, basketball, handball, swimming, hiking, marathon running, cycling, chess playing; as well as in many other non-sport activities and competitions like in mathematics in elementary school and in chemistry in high school.

As a high school/university student he was dealing with home made chemical experiments and projects and writing texts for popular science magazines, mostly in the fields of chemistry, physics and biology.

During his systematic approach to the world of mysticism, occultism, esoteric and spirituality in general, he started to wrote his first blog on the March 8th 2011. From that day onward he never stopped writing texts, not only spiritual, but also those concerning popular science, philosophy and art.

He likes to spend as much time as possible in the nature, and his biggest love is walking adventurism and hiking. As a adventurer he walked all across Croatia, his homeland, as well as parts of Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Italy, Austria and Germany.

He currently lives and works in Bavaria in south Germany.

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