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Who is I.C.?…

Ianus Christius (alter ego, born as Kristijan Nikola Kuš), (Zagreb, Croatia, December 6th 1981.) is a creative, stubborn and restless male creature always in a search for a new adventures and experiences.

Chemist by profession, artist by love, former recreational sportsman, amateur heavy metal singer, amateur actor, walking adventurist, photographer by hobby and a blog/e-book writer.

As a young man he participated in many sport activities (mostly recreational), like football, basketball, handball, swimming, hiking, marathon running, cycling, chess playing; as well as in many other non-sport activities and competitions like in mathematics in elementary school and in chemistry in high school.

As a high school/university student he was dealing with home made chemical experiments and projects and writing texts for popular science magazines, mostly in the fields of chemistry, physics and biology.

During his systematic approach to the world of mysticism, occultism, esoteric and spirituality in general, he started to wrote his first blog on the March 8th 2011. From that day onward he never stopped writing texts, not only spiritual, but also those concerning popular science, philosophy and art.

He likes to spend as much time as possible in the nature, and his biggest love is walking adventurism and hiking. As a adventurer he walked all across Croatia, his homeland, as well as parts of Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Italy, Austria and Germany.

He currently lives in the city of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

You can contact him through several links:

e-Mail Address:

Facebook Profile: Kristijan Kuš

YouTube Channel: Kristijan Kuš






24 thoughts on “Who is I.C.?…

    1. 10ks for dropping by! Unfortunately, at the beginning of June I will go on my big and long walking adventure with the goal of spiritual enlightenment, so I don’t know when will be the next time that I will write something here…

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      1. I hope so! When it will be complete and will it be complete in my life, I don’t know. Maybe I will just continue with my walks all around the world till I make all that that I was born for…

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      2. Yes, especially if you consider the fact that I will go with little money, and sleep in the wilderness in my sleeping bag. So, this will be more a spiritual journey then the touristic exploration. Just like the pilgrims in the ancient times…

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      3. 10ks! It’s not the first time that I go on a walking adventure like this, but this time it will be without the defined place where I want to go. Now, travelling is not the main reason, but the spiritual enlightenment…

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  1. It sounds interesting. Is it like survival in the wild or something else.
    Or you’re going to practice monk. I do look up to your faith you have in nature and I’m very much inquisitive to know what really are you going to do?
    Best of luck for your journey.

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    1. As I said, I have some thoughts and ideas what I want to do in the next months of my quest for higher meaning of my life. But how and when will that work, I leave that to the Higher Force and its guidance…

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      1. It will be a very harsh journey, to the ultimate limits of endurance, physical, mental and spiritual. But I have to try it, even that means I will have to die for it. Now, there is no other way left. I’m on the edge of the big void…

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      2. When you immerse in your journey, it won’t remain harsh.
        I’m sure must have read the life histories of Hazrat Muhammad, Mosses, jesus…they already tought us what would we face in our journey…
        Remember them and your journey become more spiritual…
        Best of luck 👍👍👍

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  2. Hi there! Thank you for liking my comment on Elaine’s Blog! I hope you have great success on your quest for enlightenment. For myself, I have come to the conclusion that the Creator has put everything I need to learn, right here, where I am….but that doesn’t stop me travelling…because travelling is a great way to find out what we already have…and to be grateful, and to see how we might do things better. If you have not read it already, there is a very useful book which might assist you on your enlightenment journey called The Power of Now by Eckhardt Tolle.

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